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Shanxi Spherical Casting Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province. It is a well-known joint-stock enterprise in China. It specializes in the production and sales of ductile iron pipes and related accessories, as well as providing water supply and drainage and fire engineering services. The company has two existing ductile iron pipe and pipe fittings production plants, process The equipment is automated and mechanized to a higher degree. Medium frequency electric furnace, spectrum analyzer, etc. The key equipment is imported from abroad, centrifugal molding, The entire production line of annealing, zinc spraying, finishing, packaging, etc. is at the domestic leading level, using blast furnace-Electric furnace double short process continuous casting process, strictly in accordance with ISO2531-2008/2009,GB/T13295-2008, EN545,EN598 Standard production of centrifugal ductile iron pipes and fittings, the main products are DN80-2000mm Special-diameter ductile iron pipe, widely used in gas transmission, water supply and other projects. Centrifugal ductile iron pipe is the ideal pipe for urban water supply and gas pipe network. High strength, good plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, iron nature, steel performance, is the replacement of traditional cast iron pipe and ordinary steel pipe; The company has two centrifugal ductile iron pipe production plants, and the cast pipe product specifications are from DN80-2600mm, yesTtype,Ktype,Ntype,S type and other interface forms;



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QHow to make anti-corrosion treatment of ductile iron pipe

The process of anti-corrosion treatment of ductile iron pipe: 1. Asphalt paint coating Asphalt paint coating is the pipe used to transport gas. Preheating the tube before painting can improve the adhesion of the asphalt paint,...

QCause and control of slag inclusion defects in ductile iron pipe

Slag inclusion is one of the most common defects of ductile iron pipes. It is grayish brown in the castings, some are large pieces, and some are spotted on the base. The inclusion of slag appears to greatly reduce the spheroid...

Q Why is the spheroidal tube sprayed with zinc Zinc spray protection original

The zinc spray treatment of the pipe is mainly to enhance the anti-corrosion performance. The spheroidal cast pipes produced by our company are all treated with zinc spray and anti-corrosion treatment. The potential of iron is -0....

QWhat should I pay attention to after the completion of the construction every day

After the installation operation is completed every day, the end of the pipe should be installed with a temporary baffle to prevent impurities such as sand and sand from entering the pipe. ...

Q After the installation of the tube, it should be tested and backfilled, or

In general, all pressure-tested pipelines should be backfilled and then pressure tested. When encountering special requirements, you can leave the interface part not backfilled, but the middle part of the pipe body should be fully backfilled to avoid pressure test...

Q After the installation of the spheroidal tube or when using it, find a local leak emergency area

After the installation of the spheroidal tube or during use, it is found that the local water leakage emergency treatment method can be directly treated by the Hough Festival fast pipeline repair device at the broken pipe or the leakage. ...

QHow to suppress the spheroidal tube after installation

After the installation of the spheroidal tube, the whole line can be pressed, or it can be pressed in sections. The specific operation sequence is as follows: 1 plugging----all pipeline direction or size change...

QWhat materials are used to seal the spheroidal tube flanges

The ball tube flanges are generally sealed with a medium pressure rubber pad. For details, click on the company officer...

Q What is used to pave the bottom of the trench before installation

The spheroidal tube must be paved with soft granular materials (such as sand, small crushed stone, and sieved soil) before installation. The thickness of the mat should ensure that the minimum distance from the bottom of the tube is ≥100mm...

Q Where is the spectrum analyzer Can detect molten iron ingredients

The spectrum analyzer currently used by our company is imported from Germany and can detect C (carbon), Si (silicon), S (sulfur), P (phosphorus), Mn (manganese), Mg (...

QHow is the mountain casting powder purchased

The mineral powder used by our company is divided into domestic mines and imported mines. Most of the domestic mines come from Yicheng and Daixian. The imported mines come from Brazil and Australia. All of them are low phosphorus, low sulfur and low titanium.

QWhat is the existing blast furnace capacity Conforms to the current production of the country

Our company"s existing blast furnace capacity is 318 cubic meters. Due to the double casting process of blast furnace (ironmaking) and electric furnace (iron liquid heating), it conforms to the current industrial policy of the country...

QHow does the spheroidal tube detect the temperature of molten iron Why should we guarantee molten iron

Ductile tube hot metal temperature detection Insert the hot thermocouple into the molten iron, the depth is about 200mm, hear the ringing, and observe the temperature of the display. ...

QMountain Casting - the maximum number of loadings in various sizes.

Directly issued by the company, it is transported by general semi-trailer and meets the relevant regulations of transportation. The maximum number of loadings of each specification is as follows: ...


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     Spherical tube production process The spheroidal tube is a magnesium or rare earth magnesium combined with a gold spheroidizing agent added to the molten iron before pouring to spheroidize the graphite, and the stress concentration is reduced, so that the tube has a...

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